Monday, February 16, 2009

Memories with Habib Daniel

Miss You Dude!
DAMN! I really hate to start my new blog with such a sad
story. Hmm. Actually one of my fucking greatest friends
had just left us all to move out to his uncle's house in Perak.
The hardest part for me to accept it is that he acted like nothing was happened. He smiled brightly like he always did,
he laugh as loud as he used to,and he was smart-looking too.

The starting day of today was not good for me. As usual,
all students sang three songs,listened to teachers speeche,bla
bla bla... Then, I got caught for daily spot-check because of
my hair was slightly a bit longer. Mrs. S like always,she pulled me out from the line when she saw me. And I was like
Urgh,not again. Later on,my hair was cut by Mr. N and he was making stupid jokes and I just laughed along eventhough
it wasn't funny at all. Just after English lesson's over(after recess), Habib entered the class. I saw his eyes were red though he tried to hide it with his cheerful smile. Then I approached him and asked "dude,what's wrong?" "Nothing." he answered. I asked him again and his tears started to burst out falling to his cheeks. Some boys that were still in the class began to wonder what was happening to him. Finally,he told us that it's his last day at SMKPA. We all were extremely shocked and all sorts of questions started to come out from everybody who knew about this at that time. In BIO lab,the girls were also wondering what was happening when they saw us with our long faces entering the lab. I told some of them,and they were passing the story to each other. I sat next to Habib Daniel. The at least I could do for him was giving him something from my pencil case. I took a ruler and carved 'RAJA TO HABIB' on the ruler. I knew it wasn't the most expensive gift I could give to him at the moment. But I hope,it would remind him of me. And there you go,my tears started to come out. I just couldn't stand it when Wan cried like hell. I knew he was so sad because they were tablemates. Even last year they were too. Habib tried to coax Wan even he was hurt the most. Maybe because he couldn't stand to watch his bestfriend crying so hard beside him. And he was still smiling even his eyes were still red. He also talked to me and he said that he wanted us to take care. Man Baharim's eyes was also red and soaked with tears. All 5 sc 2 a.k.a. Jujur wrote our little notes for him on a piece of an A4 paper. It was my simple idea that i could thought of at that time. We managed to do it before school time's up. We also took some pictures and a video with him. We all knew that our class just won't be the same without his presence. Unlucky for Bob because he was absent. Hope that we will meet him again after SPM's over!! Habib Daniel and Harith Daniel Rawks! Goodluck with your life dude. -yief-


  1. losng a friend is suck. i got separated with my friends a few years back, and we're no longer in contact. sigh

  2. yup.
    really sucks!
    hope u guys will meet again sumday. x)

  3. got the news a few days ago
    and all of us got shocked when we heard bout it.
    damn it. xsempat jumpe.. =(

  4. omg! dye pindah mase my b'day ke?
    i'll miss him.... =,((

  5. I didn't even get to say bye. :(

  6. nseb lar korg.
    aku pn igt nk gtaw kt korg.
    tp mse tu ktorg dlm lab b4 blk.
    mmg xsmpat lar.
    adeyh. =(

  7. luckily kteorg smpt jmpe die..sdih gler time tue..sumpah mmg sedey!!!papepun kteorg hrp tue bkn kali terakhir kteorg jmpe..miss habib n harith sooo much

  8. hee , 1st tyme i noe guys could cry.
    kinda sad reading ur story.
    gud luck yeah =)