Saturday, March 7, 2009

Important Person of My Life!

WARNING! person who can't read nor understand what the title of this post means,please set an appointment with your private doctor a.s.a.p.! U probably might be suffering a short-circuit in your brain system. :D -the author-

Wait! Let me laugh first for my very stupid joke above. (gahahahaha!LOL!,LMAO!,LMFAO!)**off record**
Ok.I'm done.So for this post,I would like to post about someone I love so much.

This adorable girl's name is Nurfatiehah bt Zaini.I met her not long ago back at 2006.Back then,she was a school librarian and she wore a striking black spectacle(ngee~) which had caught my eyes everytime i saw her walking back and forth in my sight.I guess that was the first time I started to have a crush on her.

My heart keeps on pumping harder everytime I see her face.She taught me lots of things that I've never realize
bout this life.And for sure I've learned a lot from her.So thank you so much baby. :D i love you so much.You guys won't believe that many problem either stupid or serious that we've been through together.Yet we still here;attach one to another as one.I hope that we both will still be together eventhough I noe that now,there's a teacher starting to walk in our way by saying bad things bout having a couple.I don't care what she said about us,didn't she realize how her daughter's behaviour is??For god sake just mind your own daughter to behave.Not my girl,you intruder!! I'll still tolerate if I can.But If she(the teacher) didn't stop her lecture,I'll meet her in person.And yea,I can go crazy if I really want to.

I have to wrap all of this up now.Honey,I love you so much and I'm sorry for what I've wrongly done to you.It's just my stupid mistakes.


  1. ehem,guess i know who is the "intruder"
    aka Mrs. R
    teka sahaje =)

  2. R?
    hana sengal .

    n bout d librarian it was the one that i really ashamed of!
    well yes back in memories ,
    i love you when u were a little in size .
    i mean u r so adorable .
    even now u r stil cute and ADORABLE
    but more bigger in size than i am :(
    huhu ;P

    well about THAT mrs so last year ,
    just ignore her ok?
    or i will be on the bad side when u attack her .
    it's not a proper thing to do even i hate her though .

    and all the words are sweet!as sweet as me!haha
    *joke* xP

    u r really M!
    noe what i meant??

  3. haha , u guys are adorable
    nyehh , jlesh!

  4. thanks.
    ilove you too baby!

    btw,sapew Mrs. R tu,anna??

    thanks nadzakk.


  5. welcome dude :D
    btw , long tyme x update.